Unlearn line items, reframe efficiencies

Unlearn line items, reframe efficiencies

April 27, 2016 | Insights

This is the final post in a six-part series discussing the concept of Unlearn & Reframe and how shedding preconceived notions can change your perspective on exhibit and event marketing. You can read more about Unlearn & Reframe here.

Line items don’t tell the whole story. If your exhibit partner is outsourcing services, you are probably paying for them—in one way or another.

Outsourcing costs more than you realize
It is easy to understand why many exhibit marketing companies outsource certain services. After all, it takes a village to build out complex, technology-centric booths and displays.

But that outsourcing could cost you more than money. It can also cost you time, quality and effectiveness.

Choose a partner with in-house resources
Not every exhibit partner is equipped to handle all the intricacies of exhibit marketing. So choose a partner with resources that maximize your program’s efficiency.

For example, far-reaching global facilities decrease shipping and transportation costs and ensure on-time delivery. In-house labor crews eliminate redundancies and increase program quality and consistency. Extensive creative capabilities improve on-site results.

“In-house resources optimize your exhibit’s performance and boost your investment,” said Meredith Hollander, Vice President of Czarnowski. “It’s important you work with a partner who won’t just get the job done, but who will get the job done right.”

Want the whole story? Download the Unlearn & Reframe guide now [link to landing page].

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