Unlearn budgets, reframe opportunity

Unlearn budgets, reframe opportunity

April 01, 2016 | Insights

This is the fifth post in a six-part series discussing the concept of Unlearn & Reframe and how shedding preconceived notions can change your perspective on exhibit and event marketing. You can read more about Unlearn & Reframe here.

Smart exhibit and event marketing goes beyond budgets. After all, budgets can be deceiving.

Don’t get trapped into thinking you don’t have the budget to be creative. You have more funds than you think.

Stretch your solutions
Construction is an art form. It takes skills to build out a cutting-edge experience.

It also takes resourcefulness and an ability to stretch a dollar. Budgets aren’t what limits creativity; a lack of solutions does.

“You should never sacrifice great design to meet your budget,” said Tim Oughton, Director of Operations at Czarnowski. “By employing creative solutions, you can achieve the desired result at the targeted cost.”

Rent, reduce, reallocate
So expand your options with rental solutions. Reduce redundant fabrication, drayage and storage. Use lightweight materials.

Then reallocate your savings to create better customer engagements. You can’t put a price on that.

The next post in the Unlearn & Reframe series will highlight how efficiencies—not line items—maximize the bottom line. Don’t want to wait for it? Download the complete Unlearn & Reframe guide now.

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