Unlearn booths, reframe experiences

Unlearn booths, reframe experiences

March 14, 2016 | Insights

This is the fourth post in a six-part series discussing the concept of Unlearn & Reframe and how shedding preconceived notions can change your perspective on exhibit and event marketing. You can read more about Unlearn & Reframe here.

The booth is a start point, not an end point.

So build an experience around your customer. Create a story that puts them at the center. When you reach beyond static product displays to engage your audience, you compel them to care about your brand and your message.

Transform attendees into participants
Innovation should support your brand message and transform your attendees into participants. Use it to encourage engagement through interactive displays, social media, live-streamed demos and other technology.

Technology enhances the way you interact with your audience from an audio, visual and sensory perspective. It captivates and moves your audience from passive recipients to active players.

“Shows give your customers a unique opportunity to connect with what you’re selling,” said Angela Dills, Director of Technology & AV at Czarnowski. “By designing experiences that provoke curiosity, inspire play and promote a tactile understanding of your product or service, you turn average attendees into brand advocates.”

Tell a better story
When you create compelling content, you grab your audience’s attention. Tell a great story and allow your audience to interact with it. A better story produces a better visitor experience.

Be fresh, be human and—most importantly—be memorable. Your customers will respond in kind.

The next post in the Unlearn & Reframe series will highlight how you can create better customer engagements with opportunities—not budgets. Don’t want to wait for it? Download the complete Unlearn & Reframe guide now.

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