Pardon the disruption: healthcare grabs headlines at CES 2015

Pardon the disruption: healthcare grabs headlines at CES 2015

January 02, 2015 | Exhibits

Like consumer electronics? So do we. We’re innovators at heart, so we appreciate leading-edge technology and smart design as much as the next person. And we wouldn’t miss the chance to show off at the largest consumer electronics tradeshow of the year.

CES kicks off January 4 in Las Vegas and is the global stage for upcoming technology trends. People are incorporating technology into their daily lives more than ever before, especially in the form of wearable technology. With the rapid growth of wearable devices, healthcare is again expected to be a huge area of focus at this year’s show.

Wearable tech has evolved to be more clinically focused, indicating that consumers are more interested in managing serious healthcare needs. Companies are interested too—incentivizing their employees to wear health-tracking devices to help lower health care costs. This highlights the increasing shift from individual to larger sets of data.

Our clients, like their consumers, are stepping up their tech game. And we’re evolving in stride, delivering interactive components to amplify our clients’ brands and measurable analytics to track their results.

Can’t make it to the show? We’ve got you covered. Check us out on social media to get all the show highlights.


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