Hitting the road with Electrolux

Hitting the road with Electrolux

July 01, 2016 | Events

To generate some serious buzz for their premium kitchen appliances, Electrolux wanted to take their show on the road. But to do that, they needed a “Lux” mobile kitchen that could brave the elements as well as crisscross from food festivals and golf courses to company picnics and sandy beaches. Enter Czarnowski.

Using a recycled cargo shipping container as the foundation, we designed a fully functional, generator-powered mobile kitchen with custom cabinetry to showcase Electrolux’s appliances. The open-plan kitchen model also features AV, lighting and camera equipment to capture the live audience as they engage in cooking demonstrations and interact with the appliances.

The audience is also encouraged to interact with the Electrolux salespeople, who are on hand to answer questions about the company’s various products and their every-budget-friendly prices.

While the purpose behind the mobile kitchen was to deliver a fresh customer experience, we were also able to deliver some notable benefits. In addition to incorporating sustainable design elements, the mobile kitchen can be kept at any of our conveniently located warehouses—saving on transportation and storage costs.


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