Experiential awesomeness at the LA Auto Show

Experiential awesomeness at the LA Auto Show

January 12, 2016 | Automotive

There is simply no substitute for a physical experience. Tradeshows and auto shows are one of the few ways customers can physically interact with a brand and its products.

You wouldn’t settle for looking at a billboard when you could step inside and explore one. Why would you expect your customers to?

The exhibits we developed for our clients at LA Auto allowed their customers to not only explore their brand and products, but also discover their brand’s unique personality.

Creating what we call “experiential awesomeness” doesn’t happen by accident. Every brand has a story to tell. The tricky part is uncovering that story and translating it into a physical space.

Producing an irresistible experience requires more than putting up flat screens on a wall. It’s about paying attention to even the smallest detail and finding meaningful ways to connect a brand to their audience.

We’re always up for the challenge. See how we create awesome experiences at the LA Auto Show and beyond.


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