EXHIBITORLIVE 2016: We came. We saw. We exhibited.

EXHIBITORLIVE 2016: We came. We saw. We exhibited.

March 11, 2016 | Exhibits

While many exhibitors are focusing on high tech, we’re bringing low tech back.

Not that we are adverse to technology. Actually, we think it’s pretty awesome. But for this year’s EXHIBITORLIVE we wanted to embody the spirit of Unlearn & Reframe, challenging ourselves to stretch beyond our everyday perceptions and do something a bit different. You can read more about Unlearn & Reframe here.

Instead of relying on technology like touchscreens or videos to tell the Unlearn & Reframe story, we turned our entire exhibit into Unlearn & Reframe. It was an Alice falls down the rabbit hole experience, where visitors stepped off the show floor to find themselves immersed in the unique ideation and iconology of Unlearn & Reframe.

However in our Wonderland there wasn’t a white rabbit, but The Bumbys, a static robot named Karl and a red-clad Czarnowski team leading the way towards a new perspective on exhibit and event marketing.

Attendees enjoyed having their appearance “rated,” watching an arrow shoot a target on the flip displays and learning how solving heavy challenges allows you to lift a magnetized bowl.

What made this year’s exhibit extra special was that it was a team effort, with many of Czarnowski’s locations contributing to the final product.


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