Distinct design for the master of disaster

Distinct design for the master of disaster

December 07, 2015 | Exhibits

Ordinary doesn’t cut it when you are designing an exhibit for VMworld. After all, it is where the IT innovators go to explore the industry’s most powerful trends.

For Zerto, we designed a striking architectural booth that captured the easily recognizable Zerto “Z”—allowing attendees to spot it from almost anywhere on the show floor. And because techies love a fun freebie, we engineered a t-shirt dispenser tower to distribute 1,000 red Zerto Master of Disaster t-shirts.

But the booth’s design wasn’t all flash and no substance. We created space to display videos and demos to educate attendees on the latest Zerto products. Tablets were also strategically placed inside the exhibit for advanced lead capture and analysis.

Our Boston and Denver teams worked together to deliver a successful exhibit that met Zerto’s objectives to build brand awareness, drive booth traffic and capture leads.

However, the exhibit impressed more than the Zerto team. The booth earned recognition in the ESG blog post “VMworld 2015 Had Some Great Marketing,” stating “For the second year in a row, Zerto’s marketing department made them look as big as any of the multi-bazillion dollar top vendors, inspiring a confidence and presence that was really impressive.”

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