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Czarnowski + Assembly: Building spaces for the moment

September 20, 2019 | Events

Providing A-Z marketing solutions requires special skills. Constructing temporary event structures is one of them.

Enter Assembly, the branch of the Czarnowski family tree charged with moving brand experiences from the show floor out into the real world.

Here, there, anywhere.

Golf courses. Parking lots. Racetracks. You name it. Marketers and brand managers are leading the push to create experiential spaces outside the traditional convention center setting.

That’s why Assembly exists. To help brands transition from expected places into unexpected spaces—giving them an opportunity to go where they want to go and be where their consumers are.

While trade shows are still an essential part of any marketing program, the growing demand for unique experiences has led companies to look for ways to push boundaries, go bigger and be memorable away from the convention hall.

Brands want to create experiences that crack open the minds of their consumers and stick there. And temporary structures help them do that.

The rise of temporary event structures.

On the show floor, exhibitors are surrounded on all sides by other brands—each competing for visitors’ time, attention and memory banks.

Take the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), for example. With more than 4,000 exhibiting companies and hundreds of thousands of attendees, it takes enormous effort to create an experience that stands out among the masses and is distinctly remembered after the show ends.

Temporary structures allow brands to pull attendees out of that crowded atmosphere and into a controlled environment where they can define visitor experience and create something unexpected.

That’s why brands like BMW and Byton have moved all or part of their CES experience away from the convention center floor and out onto the surrounding lots.

BMW teamed up with Assembly to construct an outdoor environment that put guests behind the virtual wheel of The Ultimate Driving Machine.

Inside the Assembly-built Byton house, guests interacted with all the technology packed into the Byton concept.

Explore the Byton CES experience.

Rethinking the possibilities of short-term space design.

Creating a lasting impression with temporary spaces is about more than just the experience happening inside. The structures themselves act as a beacon that guides visitors in—requiring the outside of the experience to be as thoughtful and awe-inspiring as the inside.

Temporary is a condition, not a state of mind. And Assembly’s temporary structures are built to last in the memory of their visitors.

With more than 80 years of experience creating modular and custom-designed kits, Assembly knows how to produce beautiful yet functional structures. Extra care is taken with materials to make sure the investment is protected and the result is pristine.

That’s why luxury brands like Mercedes-Benz trust Assembly to deliver at prestigious events like the Concours d’Elegance.

Mercedes looked to Assembly to balance the amenities the Concours audience expects with a design reflecting their forward-thinking brand.

Explore the Mercedes Concours d’Elegance experience.

Weather permitting.

Outdoor experiences can be risky. Unexpected wind, rain, heat or snow can put a damper on any event. Temporary structures allow brands to do something unique outside the convention setting while still protecting attendees from the elements.

Temporary event structures come in particularly handy for sporting events, where fans can watch the game, race or match regardless of the weather.

While sporting event venues focus mainly on providing hospitality for event spectators, temporary structures still offer opportunities to create lasting impressions by creating unique views or memorable interactions.

Assembly elevated the Byron Nelson Championship event tent 30 feet off of the ground to create unprecedented views and comfort from the center of the golf course.

Expertise is a difference-maker.

Codes, regulations and permits. Water lines, electrical lines and timelines. When dealing with temporary structures, there is always the potential for something to go wrong. Which makes working with a partner who is experienced in everything that outdoor environments can throw at them crucial.

“This is what we do every day,” said Gordon Machielsen, Managing Director at Assembly. “We have the experience, knowledge and know-how to get ahead of challenges and deliver what we say we will.”

Assembly takes pride in building trust with clients and with the rest of the Czarnowski team. Part of building that trust includes developing detailed CADs, which minimizes onsite surprises and stress.

At Czarnowski, we make sure the Assembly team is part of the design process. That way we know ahead of time if any of our designs will be an issue from an execution standpoint. They enhance what we can offer our clients, and allow us to deliver outdoor experiences in an efficient, cost-effective way.

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