Concept to completion: doing it all at the 2013 LA Auto Show

Concept to completion: doing it all at the 2013 LA Auto Show

January 21, 2014 | Automotive

No surprise to anyone in “the biz,” but successfully pulling off a major auto show ranks way up there in the Small Miracles category. For the 2013 LA Auto Show, we tapped into our full scope of services – strategy, creative, fabrication, I&D and technology – and expertise from all 18 Czarnowski locations to create spaces for 7 (!!!!) of the world’s best automotive brands.

We designed a warm, inviting space for Buick and created a premium showcase for GMC’s tough vehicles. For Cadillac, we created a space that reflects the brands twin luxury and performance brand pillars and partnered with Mindfield on a hugely successful transparent touchscreen interactive experience. Our technology team engineered an oversize in-car console display for MINI. We also designed MINI’s booth and coordinated its first-ever North America vehicle premiere. We brought BMW to life on the show floor and masterminded the brand’s immersive offsite ride-and-drive event. We fabricated and installed Mazda’s booth for our international partner Uniplan. And we made sure new client Hyundai started the auto show season off right.

So long story short: thousands of person-hours, dozens of great ideas, billions of brain cells, innumerable phone calls and texts. And 7 thrilled clients.

And the best part? We can’t wait to do it again. One major auto show down, 5 to go!


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